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Vanira Moorea
239 ratings
Eau de Parfum, Female, $88 Retail value
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Vanira Moorea is a orange and citrus-infused Tahitian vanilla gourmand fragrance that will definitely get you your share of intrigue. It’s sheer and self-confident, not sticky and rich. The texture and tone are both airy and light, with top, middle and base notes all pulsing together as one. The petitgrain and Brazilian orange against the dark Tahitian vanilla will distract you like a playful Caribbean breeze, enticing and relaxing you in the same moment. If you want to add a new gourmand to your collection without fear that it’s too simple or too sweet to wear, this fragrance is exactly what you’re looking for.
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Featured notes
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Citrusy-sweet, brightly acidic orange oil adds a happy Vitamin C overload to any fragrance.  Orange is also the ultimate team player in perfume: it will go with anything as its many different forms can blend well.  Mandarin orange, green mandarin, bitter orange, blood orange, Sicilian orange are all variations on this juicy, joyous note.  Sweeter notes like mandarin and blood orange work best with florals and spices, while bitter orange, green mandarin, and Sicilian orange are fantastic with aromatics like basil, nutmeg, etc. Orange’s cheerful energy, no matter if it’s sweet, bitter, or spicy, is wearable year-round without hesitation.
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  • Strong22%
  • Warm21%
  • Sweet18%
  • Fresh16%
  • Light14%
  • Powdery6%
About the brand
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The house of Parfums Berdoues is a member of Groupe Berdoues specialized in fine fragrances and cosmetics. It was founded back in 1902 by Guillaume Berdoues in Toulouse, France. The tradition of the house has stretched over 4 generations of the family. Thanks to long tradition joined with modern approach and new technologies, the house has managed to provide, create and distribute something very unique to their customers. They have processed all steps of production and distribution to the finest details. One characteristic of Berdoues is that the house has its own perfumers who work on development of fragrant compositions. Special attention is paid to Research and development department, where a whole team of experts works on active principles, ingredients and formulation of products.
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