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5 Best Back-to-School Fragrances

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5 Best Back-to-School Fragrances



Do you want to pass the test in school chicness with exceptionally good grades? If you say yes, then you must have one, if not all of these carefully selected class-appropriate perfumes:

Poppy Edp By Coach

A floral classic blend, Poppy irresistibly combines the lightness of marshmallow with the pop of mandarin orange citrus and the sweet flavor of cinnamon. This aura of feminine strength and beauty will leave a lasting impression of confidence.

White Woods By Clean

White Woods’s combination of sandalwood, musk, lily, and orchid is a warm and luscious fragrance that gives off feelings of comfort and friendliness.

Efflora By Odin

Efflora by Odin is a burst of life and transports you to a beautiful garden with its abundance of floral notes, including jasmine and rose. The use of tangerine and neroli lifts this scent to another level by radiating joy- the perfect start to a great school year!

Miracle By Lancome

This perfume takes a unique and sharp take on exotic beauty with its use of ginger and pepper, yet it balances these strong notes with the freshness of the magnolia flower and litchi. The stress of homework and fun memories of a school year are all represented in the sour and sweet elements of Miracle.

Chocolat Mat By Masaki Matsushima (2)

Chocolat Mat  is a distinct scent that will help you start your school year the right way! Elegantly interlacing the warmth of sandalwood with the nuttiness of the cacao pod, this luxurious scent defines the fall season in a playful way.

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