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Steeped in History and Nobility: Acqua di Parma

Acqua Di Parma History Colonia 1

Steeped in History and Nobility: Acqua di Parma

An expression of the finest Italian lifestyle, Acqua di Parma has been a synonym for quality, refinement, excellence, and originality for more than a century. 

A tale as old as creativity, Acqua di Parma’s story begins in the picturesque city of Parma, where the Italian baron Carlo Magnani decides to create a fragrance destined for timeless success and iconic status: Colonia Eau de Cologne. During his long journeys abroad, he’s overcome by a sudden yearning, a longing for the Italian sun. He created Acqua di Parma as his personal Colonia, capturing what he loved and missed about Italy: its unique sunny sophistication and easy elegance.

Fresh, uplifting, and sophisticated, Colonia soon becomes a symbol of Italian refinement and their “arte di vivere”: a vibrant celebration of all we love about Italy: nature, culture, and art.

Colonia Eau de Cologne is what the brand refers to as “The Italian sun captured in the ‘frutti d’oro’ – lemon, orange & bergamot – all carefully chosen, handpicked and distilled. Next comes a heart of aromatic and harmonious notes such as lavender, rosemary, verbena and damask rose, followed by warm woody vetiver, sandal, and patchouli.”

Acqua Di Parma History

Colonia is the essence of art, history, savoir-fare, and Italian craftsmanship infused in each bottle that proudly displays the characteristic yellow color, Acqua di Parma’s trademark and badge of elegance and sophistication. Named  after the love for Parma, a city where nature and culture unite in harmony, where the golden rays of the Italian summer colors the palazzi’s stones like sun-kissed skin. This is precisely where the brand’s iconic yellow comes from.

Acqua Di Parma History

“Acqua di Parma is much more than a fragrance brand, it’s a way of life in its most sophisticated form. Its secret has always been moving forward into the future while keeping its DNA intact. We are very proud of our heritage, history, and values but we never forget to keep an eye to the future. Bringing style – Italian style – into life

Laura Burdese, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Acqua di Parma
Acqua Di Parma History

From the classic, timeless, and modern icon Colonia, to the futuristic yet authentic Italian identity of its latest launches, Acqua di Parma remains an embodiment of la dolce vita. Get a whiff of it, here and now:

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