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A New Way To Wear Fragrance: Nest Body Mists

Nest Body Mist

A New Way To Wear Fragrance: Nest Body Mists

Bamboo, ginger, grapefruit, and neroli — oh my, Nest’s newest body mists are here to inspire with their chic, elevated notes. With botanical extracts and potent aromatic essences, these body mists will moisturize your skin and shake up your fragrance routine. A bracing pick-me-up for this upcoming season, these are our faves: 

Ginger & Neroli Body Mist

Ginger Neroli Body Mist

Nest is known for its focus on florals, so whichever scent you choose from the line, it’s bound to be a treat. This particular body mist plucks the sensual aroma of neroli and spices it up with a dash of ginger, rounding it up in a bold yet dewy finish. 

Bamboo & Jasmine Body Mist

Bamboo Jasmine Body Mist 2

A staple in the romantic perfume arsenal, this delicate blend of bamboo and jasmine has soft and sensual written all over it. Basically, it’s your favorite oversized jumper, a PSL and your favorite autumnal fantasy rolled into one.

Grapefruit & Verbena Body Mist

Grapefruit Verbena Body Mist 1

Spirited and fresh, a single spritz of Grapefruit & Verbena cloaks you in a vibrant aroma. Just like the entire Nest body mist line, this one is free of nasties like sulfates, parabens, phthalates, artificial colors, and mineral oil, so we’re giving it top marks. 

Ocean Mist & Coconut Water Body Mist

Ocean Mist Coconut Water Body Mist 1

Not ready to say goodbye to summer? This Ocean Mist & Coconut Water mix says you don’t have to. Spritz lightly on your coat for a subtle whiff, apply liberally for a full-fragrance effect, or keep it in your desk drawer for a boost of moisture and tropical vibe that goes strong year long. 

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