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5 Products That Help Our Subscribers Zen Out


5 Products That Help Our Subscribers Zen Out

Picture this: you’re lounging in an Italian garden surrounded by orange grove, and everything feels right – sometimes, there’s really nothing better than a good scent to whisk you away. Now picture that scent on your wrists, your lips, the air around you. Oh yes, la vita e veramente bella, and according to our Scentbird tribe these are the most relaxing aromas and products on our virtual shelves:


Rain Day Derek Lam

Derek Lam’s Rain Day hits the ideal middle ground between dewy and sensual notes. Refined yet down-to-earth blend of vetiver and bright neroli creates a decidingly intoxicating effect: The smell of scorching earth drenched with the most vibrant whiff of freshness, the rage of a summer storm. 

With 4.3 out of 5 star rating, it’s clearly one of the most popular scents within the Scentbird community. 

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SCENTBIRD Exotic Mango Lip Balm


While most of our spring plans are cancelled, this exotic lip balm makes sure that we keep summer forever on our lips. Fruity and flavorful, the mix of mango sorbet, orange and papaya give a hint of sheen with major moisture. A calorie-free treat for your lips, this cocoa and shea butter fortified formula soothes and keeps the lips extra supple.

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JOANNA VARGAS Twilight Face Mask


Need to hit refresh on your face? This is the right product for you. 

The blend of witch hazel water, niacinamide, plant derived protein along with hydration-boosting hyaluronic acid and soothing allantoin, run together to promote optimal vibrance and skin resilience in less than 20 minutes. 

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SCENTBIRD Dark Roast and Caramel Scented Candle

Scentbird Scented Candles

We’re not going to lie, this one smells soooooooooooo gooooooood. Oh yes, with notes like coffee, salted caramel, and cocoa, this is the scent to light up when you have romance on the menu, to set the mood and curb your cravings for something sweet. Be warned though, this Oxford Journal study found that this works for food only(wink, wink). 

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CAMPO Relax Blend Roll-On Oil


There are some things that will always evoke the feeling of complete and utter bliss: our fave dish, the scent of an old book, the smell of lavender fields high at noon and, for most of us here at Scentbrd HQ,the calming aroma of a Campo roll on. Supercharged with all-star aromatic essential oils like french lavender, rosemary, frankincense, neroli orange blossom, sweet orange and bitter orange, this is the x-factor in relax mode.

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