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5 Colognes That Do All The Talking

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5 Colognes That Do All The Talking

From hot, traffic-stopping fragrances to unique scented feats, these colognes have your name all over them. So you can wear your heart or them on your sleeve, neck, wrists..

For that lust-worthy experience everyone’s after, choose any of these 5 colognes! You can thank me later:

Bentley For Men Intense By Bentley

Bentley for Men Intense by Bentley: If you are looking for a typical “masculine” spicy hot fragrance, which is wearable on any occasion this could be the one. Rum, incense, leather and benzoin stay close to the skin, just like the women around those who wear this perfume.

Power Ballad By Room 1015

Power Ballad by Room 1015: Talks from the locker room say this perfume is ideal for date nights due to its intense refreshing component achieved mainly thanks to the lime and mint partnership. Vetiver will send your heart racing, and one discreet shade of poplar buds is enough to spark both in the scent, and the wearer a sufficient amount of romance.

Journey Man By Amouage

Journey Man by Amouage: Very elegant and classically sexual, designed for the modern asphalt-jungle hunter. Sichuan pepper and cardamom on the front line announce the woody-spicy texture, followed by bergamot and neroli blossom. The heart pulsates with juniper berries, incense, pure geraniol and tobacco leaves spread on a base of tonka, cypriol, leather and musk, warranting for a very expensive feeling of grandeur and irresistible sexappeal. This one is Clark Gable of colognes.

Remarkable People By Etat Libre D`Orange

Remarkable People by Etat Libre d`Orange: This is your opportunity to become familiar with the powerful Remarkable People perfume, which is unashamedly intriguing scent ready to seduce new audiences.  For the men who are not afraid to take an olfactive detour, this bubbly unisex fragrance is reserved only for remarkable people. Do you fit the description?

Eau Profonde By Thirdman

Eau Profonde by ThirdMan: A scent that artfully rests on your skin, a fragrance envisioned as a doorway into a world entirely unlike the one dominated by traditional masculine scents. For the true fragrance connoisseurs, it’s a fragrant map, with a unique potential to steer you into direction of a great time. If you plan of having a close encounter of the closest kind, wear this one. It’s inimitable, unforgettable…


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