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Arquiste reviews
Nice and sweet
A little sweeter than I usually like, but still very nice and summery.
Great scent
Not for everyday use, but perfect for a hot summer day/tropical vacation. Definitely one of the better aquatic scents.
Perfect for me!
I could see this scent being unisex, which is awesome. I love the equal parts of masculine and feminine. It really does remind me of the beach.
It’s was ok, not my favorite
Smelled a little too old lady powdery for me
Sydney Rock Pool
Did not like this scent.
Perfect beach scent
This scent reminds me of a beautiful day at the beach. Warm and sultry with a hint of sweetness.
My new favorite fragrance!
The way this fragrance warms up on my skin is so incredible. I will be purchasing this full size!!! My absolute favorite fragrance. It lasts all day.
A really interesting scent
As I like to start with- as someone who gets headaches with most perfumes, this gave me a small one at application which quickly faded. for the scent itself, it's a bit hard to describe. It mostly smells a bit sharp/spicy to me with a bit of a sweet base to fall back on. I'll admit I didn't like it when I smelled the bottle and thought it would be too masculine for even my tastes, but it's really grown on me in usage. I'd call it fairly gender neutral overall.
Zesty Intensity
Super citrus zest, lemon for sure. Subtle wood and spice underneath the citrus, very grassy and green as well, a touch of soap and detergent, little bit of aqua freshness, too. Normally just citrus would be annoying but this works well, not too much else. No dark notes, not too sweet, not musky at all. Amazing balance and deceptively simple. Perfect summer cologne for all occasions.
The most manliest bouquet of flowers
Definitely floral, could go very feminine or sweet but amazingly, very masculine undertone to it. It is balanced to the extreme, good dialog between the floral and woody notes. Hard to pin down, its like fresh spring flowers in a vase made out of cedar and wrapped in a resin bow. I dont wear that often, hard to find the right occasion for it....very perplexing, I like and dislike it at the same time. Not my favorite but could grow on me if i gave it time. It's unique for sure....definitely give it a go if you are bored with everything else you tried.
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