Great Selection of Top Woody Perfumes

Woody Perfumes

The scent of dry wood in the air can mean many things: it can conjure up exotic places, trigger our appetites, even soothe a distracted mind. Woody perfumes are also one of the largest perfume families to explore, with a wide range of aromas. A well-done woody perfume can elegantly elevate any mood you want to set or happen to be in. Here are some of the most well-known notes in woody perfumes:

Sandalwood – sandalwood can be many things: smoky, sweet, creamy, dry, tangy, smooth, you name it. Sandalwood instantly adds an exotic layer of mystery and intrigue to any scent. It has a built-in aura of far-off places, and has the same mystical pull as incense, as well as allowing a scent to linger longer on the skin.

Cedar – cedar is just as common in perfume as sandalwood, but shines at the other end of the scent scale. If sandalwood is creamy and rich, cedar can be bright, light, and tangy. It’s also an excellent blending note, so pairing cedar with citrus, floral notes, or earthy notes like vetiver will always come off well.

Eucalyptus/Cypress/Fir/Pine Wood notes: The cool, green exhilaration of a deep forest is found all over the scented world. The clean, clear sharpness of woody notes like eucalyptus and cypress gives any perfume a cool reserve as well as a shot of refreshing mountain air.

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