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Mushroom Magic taps into the mycelial network to bring connected balance to your daily life. Six medicinal mushrooms are swirled with vanilla and cinnamon to create a sweet-tasting triple extract you’ll be delighted to commune with. Mushrooms are renowned for their amazing ability to normalize and optimize body system functionality in a subtle, natural way. These fungal friends are tinctured for a full moon cycle and then simmered down to extract every bit of shroomy goodness.

Wooden Spoon Herbs Mushroom Magic rating and reviews

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3.8 out of 5
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Did not like this
Not sure what it is supposed to do.
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35 to 44
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I like it
This is going to be absolutely unhelpful. I like it and feel a little better when I have included it in my supplements
Rated5on the scale of0to5
45 to 54
Skin type:
Warm hugs and Handshakes
Dont let the seasons bugs ward you from others. This tincture helps immunity support for handshakes and warm hugs from lived ones this winter season.