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Feel better every night with HATH Better Nights Capsules.<br><br> Jetlag got you stuck in the wrong time zone? Mind shifts into overdrive the second your head hits the pillow? Just can’t ever seem to get comfortable?<br><br> HATH Better Nights Capsules will help you reclaim nighttime for its intended purpose — restful and restorative sleep.<br><br> Made with 25mg hemp extract and 3mg melatonin, Better Nights are designed to give you the sleep you so deserve and need, without the groggy wake ups that come along with your traditional sleeping pill.

HATH Better Nights Capsules rating and reviews

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4.2 out of 5
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Didn’t work
I was so excited to try this new product because I’ve been having difficulties sleeping at night due to some changes in medication that my doctor made. I took this product the first night I received it and wasn’t impressed. It did not help one bit! In fact, it was almost as if the product had made me more wired. I probably will not be taking this again and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone looking for help sleeping!
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Better Night Capsules
Very nice packed product, should have more capsules in the package for a better review but overall nice product..
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45 to 54
Skin type:
Good rest
Works great!
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love this brand
it works very well and the formula is the same in each capsule