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Full size product - contains 7 ampoules. A concentrated skincare booster with highly effective Tripeptides help to firm, smooth, and tone the skin's surface with plumping hydration. Skin feels plump and smooth with a youthful lifted look. Helps to plump up the skin's surface from the inside by supporting the skin’s own natural collagen production, leaving skin feeling firm and appearing plump.

Babor Ampoule Concentrates - Collagen Concentrate rating and reviews

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4.5 out of 5
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instant lift!
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Germanys #1skincare brand
I've been using one after microneedling and so far I'm liking the results a couple days after. Would definitely like to try more of Babor products
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Use correctly!
Once you open ampules they are no longer effective, im an esthetician and we recently added this brand to our facials. It's in a glass ampule to keep air out. Once exposed to air it no longer works. Each ampule should be opened and used immediately, its meant to be enough for face, neck and chest. Use correctly and you'll love results
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This product is highly concentrated & was exactly what i have been looking for & thx to Scentbird i finally found it! These are a bit pricey, but i specifically use these after microneedling and Chemical Peels, dermarolling or you skin could benefit from thirs after a great exfoliation. This is one of those skincare products that your not going to use 1x or even 7 days in my opinion (or scientifically) that your going to see immediate results. But if your using a high quality product like this, when your skin can really soak it up.... in time, it does make a huge difference. I do love the consistency of this product & there is plenty in 1 ampoule for your face, neck, chest or shoulders. I use the whole ampoule in 1 night, even if i have to wait an hour or so then reapply to my face with what's left over bc there isn't a way to properly store it overnight. I head read someone said it dried up, so i certainly didn't want to waste it so i just make sure to use it. It is a good bit, but it's really not that much if your skin is really able to soak it in & wait a bit and reapply then I wait until it's completely absorbed before i add my itjust products. I wash, then when using this, i still mix with my EGF & they go 1st right to the skin. I've been using EGF for 3months 2x daily & am beginning to see results, & this is a type of product that takes patience and consistency. And this seems to be a great one, & I highly recommend it orf your looking for a tropical Collagen product. I will continue to use this brand when i run out because it mixes perfectly with my egf & simple to apply.
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Nothing amazing yet
Put it in an old moisturizer jar and used less than half slathering my face so I would suggest having a storage place ready when you crack the bottle. Used it a few times and my skin is less dry, but the spots I was really targeting, no change. My grumpy scowl line is still prominent and my turkey waddle still wabbles.
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Decent Product 😊
the product is good you'll see a difference on your skin the more you use it...I took one of them and added it to one of my serums so I can extend the usage on the ampoule.
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No visible signs it helped
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Makes me glow
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45 to 54
Skin type:
Seriously amazing
Really great serum!!! Instant results!!! Love love love !!!
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Collagen Concentrate made my face look so much younger!! I love Babor!!!
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Amazing product!
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Great Product. You should start usin collagen after 35!
Absolutely Amazing product. Made in Germany.will Give your skin that rich Collagen . I love it and will be reordering it again, please do not discontinue it ! !!