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Sensationally strong peeling cream with natural AHA acids and fruit extracts.

Supermood Youth Glo Luxury Peel rating and reviews

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4.5 out of 5
Rated5on the scale of0to5
Was a good peel
very nice
Rated4on the scale of0to5
It's a nice gentle formula!
I actually do much more intense facial chemical peels, so this was a nice addition to use in between my intense chemical peels. If i wasn't doing those, I'm not sure how much benefit I would actually receive from this, and would most likely not repurchase this. But if your looking for a very gentle topical peel just to add some pick me up or glow, this might be for you. So it really depends on your needs and expectations as to whether this product is for you. I really enjoyed it!
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I like!
The first time using this had me worried. I looked like I had a really bad sunburn, but the redness did go down within half an hour. Your skin gets used to it after a while and doesn't get as red. After the first use I didn't notice much of a difference in my face but after a few weeks, my skin felt much softer. I would order this again.
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35 to 44
Skin type:
It works!!
I am really enjoying this product, definitely follow directions!! As soon as it goes on your face start counting to 60 then immediately wash off, your face will be super smooth. I left it for 2 minutes because I didn't feel anything and..regrets...felt like a 3rd degree burn you've been warned..
Rated4on the scale of0to5
Works amazingly..very powerful so I would recommend gradually using more over time... like recommended on packaging.
would buy again
Rated5on the scale of0to5
Love It!
My favorite peel has been from Real Chemistry, but this is my new favorite for sure!!! Highly recommend!!!
Rated5on the scale of0to5
i like it
a very gentle chemical peel
Rated4on the scale of0to5
Rated5on the scale of0to5
Good product, made my skin feel like a babys behind.