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Not all skin cells are created equal. But this plant-based Milk Peel FlashMasque is here to settle the score. Inspired by top Korean beauty brand. Lactic Acid and moisturizing coconut and soy milk work together to speedily dissolve dead cells for smooth, bright skin without irritation. Get ready to glow, baby, glow. <br><br> Traditional sheet masks take up to 20 minutes to work. But this advanced masque material accelerates delivery of essential ingredients lactic acid to dissolve dead skin cells and coconut and soy milk to soothe. Plus, their highly advanced HydraSurge5™ Moisture System deeply hydrates, so you don't lose any essential moisture in the process. <br><br> Ideal for: Sensitive skin, first-time users, and the mask-obsessed.

Patchology Flashmasque Milk Peel 5 Min Sheet Mask rating and reviews

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Milk Peel Sheet Mask
This really sloughs off the dead skin layer & you are able to begin with a fresh layer of beautiful skin!
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Love this mask
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these were not bad by any means but they were also nothing special