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LOLI Beauty
Plum Elixir
23 ratings
Face Oil, Female, $68 Retail value
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Full size product. Up-cycled from the kernel of the very rare, French organic Ente plum, this food grade, vegan, non-GMO beauty oil is a MADE SAFE® certified blend of sea buckthorn fruit, pomegranate and tea seed. This pure + potent, multi-purpose organic serum for skin, lips and hair is sustainably and ethically sourced, minimally processed and packaged for zero waste.

1. Cold-pressed, organic Multi-purpose beauty oil for skin, lips and hair.
2. More powerful anti-oxidant than argan or marula
3. Instantly hydrates
4. Great for sensitive, stressed, dry or aging skin and frizzy, damaged hair and irritated scalps
5. Smooths, hydrates and helps protect skin
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As the world's first zero waste, organic beauty brand, LOLI Beauty is on a mission to stir up pure + potent, food grade skin, hair and body products. LOLI's MADE SAFE® certified, 100% waterless and vegan products are sustainably, ethically sourced and packaged.

BACKGROUND: By 2025, 5 billion people will be affected by water shortage and by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Yet the $532 billion global beauty industry is based on skin, hair and body products that are diluted with 80-95% water (it's usually the first ingredient) and polluted with toxins and synthetic chemicals. These products are then over-packaged in plastic. The results? On average a woman uses 12 personal care products daily and is exposed to 100's of chemicals, none of which are required for safety testing, and 129 billion units of packaging are wasted by the cosmetic industry every year. LOLI's mission is to #stirupbeauty by finding innovative ways to deliver pure + potent products ot improve safety while reducing waste.
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