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Full-sized product - Includes 6 individually packaged, single-use sets. Experience three innovative layers of luxury with Baggage Claim Rose Gold Eye Masks! Wander Beauty's rose gold eye masks help retain heat and moisture by preventing evaporation, allowing the maximum amount of serum to penetrate the skin. The middle layer is elastic so the masks will not slip and the third is a cellulose fiber that condenses and delivers key ingredients efficiently, giving you all the skin-loving benefits you need. Hyaluronic acid delivers intense hydration to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Aloe leaf extract and lavender oil offer a cooling effect, soothing and calming the under-eye area.

Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Rose Gold Eye Masks rating and reviews

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Average rating (9 reviews)
3.8 out of 5
Rated5on the scale of0to5
I absolutely love these eye masks. They smell wonderful and leave my eyes feeling refreshed. Best eye masks I have ever used.
Rated4on the scale of0to5
Age: 45 to 54
Skin type: Combination
Great product šŸ˜€
I liked this very much, serum felt tightening on my skin, and each sachet had enough serum to actually apply on my whole face beyond just the eye applique. I give this a solid B+ I'd purchase again.
Rated5on the scale of0to5
Age: 25 to 34
Skin type: Normal
Definitely love this product I will continue to use it and it works! Money does not go to waste on these beauty products!
Rated5on the scale of0to5
Age: 35 to 44
Skin type: Combination
The best eye patches
I'm a fan definitely I love the glow it gives my under eyes. I've got baggy dark circle eyes from old age and these give my eyes a perk
Rated3on the scale of0to5
Age: 35 to 44
Skin type: Combination
Good product
Received on time, got the box of 6 as described. Other reviews stated otherwise. Used them twice, no change on my face that I could see. Not sure if they were worth the shipment instead of perfume.
Rated1on the scale of0to5
Age: 25 to 34
Only Received ONE Mask of 6
I love these masks. Unfortunately, Scentbird, instead of sending the box of 6 masks as pictured and described (and as is typical - I've received an order of the non-rose-gold ones before with the full 6) they sent me ONE. SINGLE. MASK. It came in an oversized box with a large amount of bubble wrap. I thought that the box was empty but when I got to the bottom there was ONE SINGLE MASK stuck to the bottom of the box. This is so unacceptable. Why did they even pack this? Surely the person packing it knew this wasn't normal. Basically, I've now been charged $14.95 for ONE SINGLE EYE MASK. I have reached out to the customer service email (they don't even have a number where you can contact them more efficiently). I am incredibly disappointed and will be filing a complaint with the BBB if they don't respond within the 24 hours quoted in the email.
Amanda photo
Omg! The same thing happened to me! A huge box with ONE single pack. Thought it was a mistake for sure. I guess not!
Veronica photo
Keep us updated ! Same thing happened to me will be contacting their customer service rn
Rated5on the scale of0to5
Age: 35 to 44
Skin type: Combination
Love it
I really love the smell and the feel of this!! It was amazing.
Rated5on the scale of0to5
Wander Beauty
these are AMAZING.!