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Full size product *Included: 30 Pairs (60 individual patches). THE ANYTIME PERK-ME-UP Puffiness. Fatigue. Dryness. Enter the fast fix for tired eyes, featuring Caffeine and Hydrolyzed Collagen. Look like you got your full 8 hours every day.                                                                                               <br><br>REVIVE IN FIVE Refresh in an instant. Eye Revive FlashPatch® 5 Minute Hydrogels feature our highly advanced HydraSurge5™ Moisture System. More effective than topical creams or serums, this patch technology accelerates the delivery of essential ingredients Caffeine and Hydrolyzed Collagen. And the Hydrogels stay put—so you get these ingredients where you need them most. Cooling. Smoothing.  Our proprietary HydraSurge5™ Moisture System features an exclusive complex of 5 proven hydrating ingredients. In addition, the Eye Revive FlashPatch® 5 Minute Hydrogels include: Caffeine: Improves micro-circulation for brighter tone and reduced puffiness Sodium Hyaluronate: Naturally binds moisture to the skin Centella Asiatica: Encourages collagen synthesis while inhibiting skin inflammation Hydrolyzed Collagen: Improves skin hydration, elasticity, tone and density Portulaca Oleracea Extract: Brightens the under eye. Rich in Vitamin C and essential Omega3 fatty acids.

Patchology Flashpatch Rejuvenating Eye Gels rating and reviews

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Average rating (10 reviews)
4.3 out of 5
Rated4on the scale of0to5
Great product & my fave eye gels
Rated4on the scale of0to5
Age: 25 to 34
Skin type: Combination
Feel so good
I’m not sure if they make a large difference but my eyes look fresh and rejuvenated after use. I only use them at night before bed because of the film leftover.
Rated5on the scale of0to5
Age: 45 to 54
Skin type: Combination
Rated4on the scale of0to5
Age: 18 to 24
Skin type: Combination
Very Good Quality
These under eye Gels are great. I put mine in the fridge so they're extra cooling when using them. They make my under eye area feel nice although my one con would be that the serum afterwards if you do not rub it into your skin after taking off the gels it will leave a film on your skin.
Rated3on the scale of0to5
Age: 25 to 34
Skin type: Combination
I’m not sure if they actually work but they feel really nice while they are on and they are very hydrating. That being said once you take them off and the product dries down it turns into little balls if you rub the product. I stopped using them before applying makeup because of this so now I only use them at night once I’m out of the shower and then just wash my face in the morning
Rated5on the scale of0to5
Age: 25 to 34
Skin type: Normal
Goodbye Fine Lines....
I've been using these Rejuvenating Eye gels during the day & The Night gels right before bed. I alternate them day by day. Monday- Day gels, Tuesday- Night gels, Wednesday- Day Gels & etc. Within 3 weeks I have noticed a huge difference in the fine lines under my eyes! I am 32 and want to stay looking 32 for as long as I can. :-) These have been amazing and I will continue to use for as long as they sell them now. Thank You Scentbird for carrying them! I get the 3 products a month making each item $11.66, making These $21.66!!! Talk about a steal ♡