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This aluminum-free, natural deodorant delivers ultimate sweat and odor protection, without any of the harsh ingredients. Arrowroot powder combats moisture and eliminates toxins while hops extract neutralizes odor. The addition of hemp oil moisturizes skin, helping to prevent and reduce irritation from razor burn. The transfer-proof formula ensures every item in your wardrobe (including your favorite black top) stay streak-free.<br> <b>Smells Like:</b> Pure zen in a single swipe. Fresh notes of bamboo and green mandarin ingle with dewy moss and earthy charcoal dust.<br><br> <b>What’s In</b><br> - Arrowroot Powder, Hops Extract, Hemp Oil , & Rice Bran<br> <b>What’s Out</b><br> - Aluminum, Baking Soda, Parabens, & Sulfates

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