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Rebottled Efflora, rebottled by Scentbird, Inc., an independent bottler from a genuine product wholly independent of Odin
Scentbird, Inc., New York, NY 10001
Rose Tangerine Neroli Grapefruit blossom Jasmine
Fresh and effervescent, Efflora reveals its floralcy through sparkling top notes of Algerian tangerine and neroli blossom. As the heart builds a bouquet of geranium, grapefruit flower and samba absolute blooms capturing a radiant sunny afternoon. Efflora bring springtime to life with a vibrant blossoming citrus landscape.
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Efflora by Odin Reviews

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This is such a great sent for Fall. I'm in love
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I like the fragrance however it is a bit overwhelming when first on. Once the fragrance dries and sets it is very soft and pleasant. I like it but would not buy it.
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This is a nice perfume. Not my favorite but a good change up from my every day one. The scent also doesn't last as long as I would like.
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When I smelled this in the bottle upon opening my scentbird tube, the main note I got was licorice, which isn't even listed in the notes at all. Then, after I sprayed it, for about 30 minutes I got a very lemon-Pledge sort of smell. But after it warmed up some, it settled into a nice, fresh soapy smell that is great for hot weather. I know that it has a lot of floral notes, and I guess that comes through, but it combines into a soapy, citrus, grapefruit smell on me. It's growing on me and I find myself going back for more. This may be one that eventually I'll purchase as a full size. If you don't like fresh, soapy smells you may not like this. It's not dark and mysterious at all, nor is it candy sweet. It has a bit of a sharpness to it, but I like it. I have to say this is the most unique fragrance I've received from scentbird so far.
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So if you love neroli this is the perfume for you. I am in love with this. But if you are not a neroli fan, then definitely stay away from it. To me the grapefruit and rose notes are not nearly as strong. This does have good staying power - it last for several hours. It is not overpowering.
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I was really excited to try this perfume, I sprayed it once and was not at all pleased by the scent.
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I like this perfume, but it isn't my favorite. It smells sort of like Mimosa by Commodity but not as good. The commodity fragrance is a little lighter with more of a sweet orange scent. It lasts all day on me and does settle into a very nice floral.
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First inpressions, I like this perfume but not for the reasons I initially chose it. I was looking for a refreshing, citrusy scent since I don't have much citrus in my collection. The tangerine and grapefruit notes are not as strong as I'd anticipated, but act more like a subtle undertone for the more floral notes. Overall a nice delicate perfume, I wore it to work and got a lot of compliments on it.
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When I first sprayed on the scent was soap, grass, and something sickly sweet. It does settle down to a more pleasant floral/rose scent and lasts a long time. I will say that it is definitely UNIQUE. I haven't smelled anything like it at any fragrance counters.
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