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Rebottled Starry Nights, rebottled by Scentbird, Inc., an independent bottler from a genuine product wholly independent of Montale
Scentbird, Inc., New York, NY 10001
Musk Patchouli Rose Bergamot Green Apple
There are plenty of perfumes that evoke the great outdoors, but only Montale’s Starry Night makes you want to go camping. The lemon and apple top notes, with a heart of rose and jasmine send such a relaxing message to your senses, that you’ll long to pitch a tent to watch campfire sparks send all your cares into the clear night sky.
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Starry Nights description

One of the best things about camping is being able to sit back in your tent and watch the stars come out, one by one in blazing arcs of ancient light, like cut diamonds spilled slowly from a black velvet case. And if you lie still enough, you can feel your whole body turning with the curvature of the earth. Then there’s that disorienting moment when you feel your body falling into the vastness of space to join the stars.

Montale’s Starry Nights is what that vertiginous moment smells like – it begins with a soft rush of lemons, apples and bergamot, still sweet with their own sugars. A giddy moment of childlike yumminess, not sour or pithy, that gets you out of your head quickly so your senses have room to expand. The fruit winks open like the first stars after sundown, one note after another until your nose is filled with their mesmerizing sweetness. Starry Nights has one of the most exhilarating openings of Montale’s entire line, and truly soars when the rose and jasmine in the heart bloom slowly underneath it.

The rose and jasmine florals in the heart of Starry Nights burn all the residual sugar in the top notes into a bright, shining sphere of delirious energy, which dissipates quickly but not before your senses are completely dazzled. This is where you can feel the small of your back leave the floor of your tent to rise and greet the sky.

Rich, lush, white and red floral tones float your body gently on the night breeze for an hour or two, before the patchouli’s dry dust combines with the sticky, warm caramel in the amber to gently lower you back down to earth on more sugary-sweet sensations. There’s also a little puff of powder blended in with the base notes to make sure your landing is serenely pleasant and pillow-soft.

Starry Nights is a sugary flight of fancy with long, flowing, powerful wings of jasmine and rose. It will wrap up your senses in a bright constellation of sweetly spun exhilaration, so just let go and feel your body float among the stars.

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Starry Nights by Montale Reviews

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This is the worst smelling perfume I have ever smelled. I don't know if I got a bad batch but it smelled like old alcohol or something. Didn't even smell like a perfume at all. Would NOT recommend
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Such s strong scent! I love it for night out. It smells so yummy and rich. I love that it's unisex. Sweet for the girls and spicy and strong for men. Def a fave
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Unfortunately this perfume almost made to the trash instantly, this scent is WAY to strong, and for someone who doesn't have allergies, the second I sprayed it, I couldn't breathe. Are you allowed to return it (if it's truly awful for you) and pick a different one ??
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I love love love this scent!
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I was disappointed with this one. The moment I smelled it, I knew it is too strong and not decent even just for work. Sarah Jessica Parker, eww
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It wasn't whar I expected and it is very strong for me kind of manly smelling wouldn't order again
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Smells nice but a little too strong and masculine for me. I think it smelled very much masculine but my husband said it smelled both feminine and masculine. Not really for me though.
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I am fairly disappointed in this cologne. To me it does not smell like a higher end cologne. It has some harsh notes that I thought would fade as the day went on but they did not. Waste of money.
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I was not very impressed with this one. While there are some floral notes to it, the main smell you get is a mix of woodsy and rubbing alcohol. Not to sound like Ralph WIggum, but it smells like burning. To add insult to injury, there is something in this perfume that triggered my allergies and I was sneezing like crazy. I really wanted to like this one since it sounded like it would be right up my alley. But sadly, I am gonna have to gift this to someone that might be able to make it work.
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