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Advanced in ingredient blending, Montale Parfums harmonizes essences of the East and West while continuing in the ageless tradition of French perfumery. Today, the Parisian fragrance collection boasts over 95 fragrances composed of the highest quality essences with the longest lasting trails.<br><br>Greyland’s deep combination of black, heated spice with bone-dry woods is arresting and masculine. Profound notes of insistent black pepper, cedar and elemi layer this scent in ardent waves of piquant, bright, and forest-tinged aromatics. Metallic musk, and supple resins shroud the base with sinuous, sweet smoke.
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Montale Greyland main notes

PepperCedarwoodVetiverLeatherGuaiac WoodSandalwood
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Scent type
product typeWoody
product typeAdventurous
product typeHanging Out
product typeWinter
product typeIntense

Montale Greyland rating and reviews

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Average rating (37 reviews)
3.6 out of 5
Rated5on the scale of0to10
I personally Love IT
Lasts for an extremely long time. Has a scent that I would have never picked out for myself but that I thoroughly enjoyed. Not too overwhelming, very subtle but awesome
Rated2on the scale of0to10
For the older gentleman
Smells ok if you're 55+ definitely not something I would recommend to younger people.
Rated4on the scale of0to10
Awesome Scent
Scent smells great and lasts almost all of my day. This will be a good winter cologne for me because of its spice smell.
Rated1on the scale of0to10
Very strong
Don't get me wrong smelled good just a little too musky for my taste.
Rated3on the scale of0to10
a fewI've tried a few of their fragrances before and haven't been disappointed yet
I've tried a few of their fragrances before and haven't been disappointed yet my only complaint isn't with the fragrance but with the length of time for my shipment to arrive it took a month. but i don't want that to take away from how well this fragrance performed this is definitely a fragrance for the cooler months I'm a big fan of cedar wood note and i i think montale did an excellent job in blending it with leather and other wood notes. i used this fragrance on a trip to a secluded log cabin in the mountains. it wasn't overbearing or weak it projected exceptionally well and lasted over 6 hours don't spray on your clothes the fragrance works best on bare skin
Rated1on the scale of0to10
just dont
let me tell you .... their stuff is usually good, but not this one. Just don't.
Rated4on the scale of0to10
Simple yet elegant
This cologne comes off with an easy, pleasant musk undertone and a wonderful sandalwood fragrance which is pleasing, and not at all overbearing.
Rated5on the scale of0to10
Great masculine
Love this a deeper version of Tom Ford Grey Vetiver
Rated5on the scale of0to10
Best one yet
I ordered this three times. Love the smell. The scent lasts on my skin and clothes. Worth every penny
Rated1on the scale of0to10
Didnt really like it. Smelled like i just got done sweating.
Rated5on the scale of0to10
Good scent
Brutal and dirty scent
Rated4on the scale of0to10
Definitely a woody scent. Strong and in my opinion pretty good lasting power too. It’s different and something that will definitely set you apart.
Reviews: 9
Upvotes: 12
Downvotes: 3
Products received: 9
Rated4on the scale of0to10
I have purchased every scent by montale I have tried here. This is another winner for me. It’s...brutal and dirty. Masculine, smells heavily smoky and musky. It almost has a unwashed male undertone. I like different. I have no desire to smell sweet like some twink at a night club. It’s title is fitting. This mature unique and exotic. It’s not going to be for everyone.
Rated4on the scale of0to10
Interesting scent
Because this is a perfume, it has a good Woody scent to it. Personally, it has a very very strong sent which people don't like this strength of it and I understand and respect that. it's something you would wear for a red carpet, convention, performance, or something very classy or if casual, if you're heading into the woods, you'll smell like a lumberjack lol. Overall, as a perfume, this has the good notes to it.
Rated1on the scale of0to10
Smells horrible
Ugh! I love cedar but I think this scent has too much musk. Has that same smell you get around senior citizens who are sweating badly. I'd give this a minus star if I could. One star is too high.
Rated5on the scale of0to10
Surprisingly masculine scent
Montale Greyland was the first sample I got from my scentbird subscription and I love it! It has some very strong tones that I would describe as black pepper, or smoke house, maybe with a hint of engine oil. Whatever it is, I feel very masculine wearing it. Being a parfum, it also seems to last longer than my usual colognes. If I had to pick something else that I wear that it reminds me of, it would probably be sauvage by Dior. This is one I will be buying for my cologne rotation!
Rated2on the scale of0to10
Not for me. Not sure when and where someone would wear this.
Rated2on the scale of0to10
Im not a fan
It has a very synthetic woodsy vibe to it that i just did not like at all
Rated4on the scale of0to10
Rustic Bearded Man In A Bottle...
This is for the masculine man, unshaven, muscular, well-educated with a take-charge attitude and rugged persona. Pure leather, cedarwood, patchouli, rubber and greens, it literally smells like a wood shop or an old library with vintage leather everywhere and wood paneling with massive dusty old books on shelves. Women seem to really like it (to my surprise). Great performance, lasts about 12-15+ hours depending on weather. Good projection and sillage. This works best and lasts longer in cold weather and winter months though. If tall, dark, bearded and mysterious had a scent, this would be it.
Rated5on the scale of0to10
I love the woody tones to this cologne. Its like bottled lumberjack.
Rated3on the scale of0to10
This one was just ok. It is definitely a masculine scent. The smell of smoke is the primary scent. It is not a bad smell but it leaves little room for other notes to come through. I am enjoying the sample but will not buy the bottle.
Rated4on the scale of0to10
Not for the young....this is for the businessman in your life that seems to wear his wrinkle free BUSINESS SUIT 24/7. Boardroom Chic, and one that stays with you for quite a while. One to seal the deal with.... not for a day at the beach or even a DATE.... this one's ALL BUSINESS. I'm glad I gave this one a try, but it sure isn't for average Joe unless joe has a three piece suit and a power tie.
Rated5on the scale of0to10
It is a manly man's cologne. I am not sure how this got labeled a UniSex fragrance. It captures the outdoors and spices, it is very strong in a good way. This is for someone looking to make move and leave a mark in a good way. Remember that everyone's /DNA/Oils in Your Skin/Even the time of Year/ can make how fragrances work with your body. I love the Woods, and Spice Scents in this cologne it is a perfect mix.
Rated5on the scale of0to10
I really do like this cologne although I did not know at the time it was being labeled or sold as a Uni Sex. Not saying it could work for women, I think it would be one of those they might wear at the right time and place. It is a very strong masculine scent and each spray smells different from the other. Some might have more of an outdoorsy smell and others might have a spicy smell. You will notice this if you put any on you wrists or spread them out. Overall I personally love this one, it is a new favorite of mine. Pro's for me it is not sweet or fruity. I tend to notice those rarely work for me. If you are a guys guy, this is for you. I think this would work for couples too. Just a though.
Rated5on the scale of0to10
This is one of the best scents i have gotten, love this scent
Rated1on the scale of0to10
This is the first fragrance of my initial three(3) that I have disliked. I've tried twice to wear this scent and it is SO not for me. Le Pew!!
Rated3on the scale of0to10
Very strong and if you like Montale you'll know that their fragrance tend to make a statement. The sillage is quite nice. More masculine than unisex, though I feel I can pull it off. Not one that I'd go out of my way to purchase.
Rated5on the scale of0to10
This is the worse cologne if gotten. Will not recommend it at all. What a waste of cologne- In the trash it goes!!!!
Rated1on the scale of0to10
Worst smelling cologne I've received. It literally smells like someone bottled their fermented sweat after not showering for a month. I had to take another shower and change clothes immediately after spraying it on. I wish I could return it and get a bottle of anything else.
Rated5on the scale of0to10
I like's really chocolaty
Rated3on the scale of0to10
It was ok not one of my favorite's.
Rated5on the scale of0to10
Smell is great
Rated5on the scale of0to10
love the sent
Rated5on the scale of0to10
Deep sweet, interesting, masculine, unique
Rated1on the scale of0to10
Did not care for this one, smelled like weed actually lol
Rated5on the scale of0to10
did not care for this one. smelled like weed actually lol
Rated4on the scale of0to10
I liked this one. It has a strong pepper smell.
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