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Advanced in ingredient blending, Montale Parfums harmonizes essences of the East and West while continuing in the ageless tradition of French perfumery. Today, the Parisian fragrance collection boasts over 95 fragrances composed of the highest quality essences with the longest lasting trails.<br><br>Chocolate Greedy is your after-dinner coffee and dessert served together, in one seriously rich and decadent fragrance. Deep gourmand notes of freshly-ground coffee, powdered cacao, spicy-sweet tonka bean, and creamy vanilla create a perfume reminiscent of home-made chocolate cake with sinfully rich vanilla and tonka bean icing.
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Montale Chocolate Greedy main notes

Cacao PodVanillaTonka BeanCoffeeDried FruitsBitter Orange
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Scent type
product typeSpicy
product typeMysterious
product typeEveryday
product typeFall
product typeSweet
product typeIntense

Montale Chocolate Greedy description

It’s the end of an incredible dinner – you’ve eaten enough to fall asleep at the table. If you still have room, Chocolate Greedy is your after-dinner coffee and dessert served all at once in a seriously rich and decadent fragrance.

Montale has layered this perfume with deep, delicious gourmand notes of coffee, cacao, tonka bean, and vanilla to create a perfume that smells like…

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