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447 ratings
Eau de Parfum, Female, $65 Retail value
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Located in the south of France, Molinard is the most legendary family-owned perfume house renowned for pioneering the world’s perfume industry. With its latest collection, Les Elementes, the House has curated its perfume organ with over 200 scents to share its most authentic and raw single noted fragrances with the rest of the world.

Molinard’s Vanille is the top of the mountain for vanilla fans. A top note of vanilla flower adds a green hint, that quickly fades into an ultra-voluptuous, spicy vanilla pod and sumptuous “greedy vanilla” accord. The base includes a dash of smoky benzoin, but this scent is tailor-made for the purists.
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Vanilla is one of the most popular and sought-after notes in perfume. It’s simple, spicy, sweetness is a powerful aphrodisiac, and it blends wonderfully with any other note.  The range of vanilla accents is deep, ranging from light, filigreed frosting to plush, heavy, smoky syrup. It’s natural spiciness allows vanilla to pair well with not only other sweet, dessert notes but also exotic additions like suede, patchouli, yuzu, or litchee fruit, gardenia and tuberose. What’s best about vanilla perfumes is that they are always appropriate no matter the season, and transition instantly from light day wear to ultra-sensual late-night looks. Vanilla perfumes are a must in any collection, and the variety available will allow years of happy sampling.  For those seeking the finest, spiciest style in vanilla scent - start by trying Madagascar vanilla first.
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  • Sweet47%
  • Warm33%
  • Fresh8%
  • Light4%
  • Powdery3%
  • Strong2%
About the brand
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Molinard is a French perfume house founded in 1849 in Grasse. This region in the south of France is considered the birthplace (and today, cradle) of the modern perfume industry. Molinard is one of the oldest family companies in continuous existence, and remains an entirely family-run business even today.

Molinard originally manufactured Eaux de Fleurs (flower-scented waters) and Eaux de Cologne, marketing them from their small store in the heart of Grasse.

Molinard today produces perfumes, soaps, body care products, candles and aromatherapy products. The company offers stores and tours through its Grasse, Nice and Lille locations, and markets products through secondary outlets throughout France and the rest of the world. The 160th anniversary of this esteemed house was celebrated in 2009 with the launch of a commemorative perfume, 160, a floral scent with both classic and modern touches. The president of Molinard today is the fourth generation of his family to oversee the company, Jean-Pierre Lerouge-Benard.
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279 reviews
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447 ratings
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