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Rebottled Encre Noire Sport, rebottled by Scentbird, Inc., an independent bottler from a genuine product wholly independent of Lalique
Scentbird, Inc., New York, NY 10001
Vetiver Cypress Grapefruit Water Notes Cashmere Wood
A woody aquatic cologne, ENCRE NOIRE SPORT plays the game of invigorating sensuality, adorning the Lalique man in a dynamic elegance.
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Encre Noire Sport by Lalique Reviews

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As a fan of Armani Code and others like it, i find this to be a refreshing spin on those trusted and true fragrances. It does feel more like a winter scent but would be just fine for a spring/summer scent as well. The citrus undertone mixed with woodsy notes really makes for a great departure from my go-to colognes while still remaining in my comfort zone. Definitely will be buying this.
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Lalique is still werkin it. Fragrances I wear don't tend to get a lot of compliments even when it's something popular like Creed Aventus. Encre Noir Sport did, which surprised me because it's pretty inexpensive. There's a lesson there. To get all "reviewey" for a moment, I like the green freshness of ENS coupled with its sharp, peppery woodiness. Some scents relax me, but this one keeps me sharp throughout the day. I think it would work for most office settings.
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Love this juice it's amazing sillage and longevity are through the roof and it's sexy and masculine at the same time
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When properly worn, the scent will last the whole day in 80 degree weather. Works best after shower moments before your pores tighten. Spray around hair follicles for best performance. Beard, wrist, and kneck.
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Nice smell, a bit powdery. Last for a few hours.
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I'm a big fan of the original Encre Noire but it's a bit too heavy and polarizing to be worn on a regular basis. It's a love it or hate it fragrance. Encre Noire Sport takes care of that and brings it more mainstream. It still has the vetiver heavy DNA of the original Encre Noire, but with a very pleasant aquatic overtone. Imagine this, Encre Noire smells like a murky, mossy pool in a cave. Encre Noire Sport is a headfirst dive into the waterfall that feeds that pool. It is a beautiful and daring scent. I highly recommend those of you who like fresh woody scents to give this one a try. Longevity is pretty good as well on me, about 6-8 hours and projection is average. This is what the original Encre Noire should have been.
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