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Histoires de Parfums
336 ratings
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0.27 oz vial
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An olfactive library of scents to be read on skin, Histoires de Parfums tells stories of famous characters, raw materials and iconic years through the deluxe medium of scent.

1828 commemorates the birth date of Jules Verne, the father of literary science fiction. To honor his travels as a writer, 1828 fuses aquatic tones to a deeply aromatic base. Grapefruit and tangerine top notes accented with cool eucalyptus over incense, pine, vetiver, and aromatic nutmeg for a fragrant, around-the-world sensual experience.
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Histoires de Parfums is a luxury French fragrance house founded by perfumer Gerald Ghislain in 2000. The first volumes of the collection are named for the birth year of the famous individual who inspired the perfume. Additional fragrance series in the collection were based on flowers and plants, famous locations in Paris and unique aromas and ingredients.
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336 ratings
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Histoires de Parfums
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