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An olfactive library of scents to be read on skin, Histoires de Parfums tells stories of famous characters, raw materials and iconic years through the deluxe medium of scent.<br><br>Casanova’s spicy citrus honors one of history’s great lovers by contrasting the dark and light sides of a sensual man’s character. Bright grapefruit and bergamot accented with dark, spicy licorice. Buttoned-up lavender meets smoky star anise. And the base blend of dry cedar with vanilla, amber, and sandalwood is the ultimate in sophisticated seduction.
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Histoires de Parfums 1725 main notes

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Hanging Out

Histoires de Parfums 1725 rating and reviews

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Average rating (23 reviews)
3.7 out of 5
Rated2on the scale of0to5
Age: 25 to 34
Skin type: Combination
Too floral
Advertised as spicy. Didn’t get that at all
Rated4on the scale of0to5
Age: 35 to 44
Skin type: Normal
Something reminiscent of Invasion Barbare but slightly stranger. Powdery lavender. Gourmand notes. Classy weird cool. What more do you want in a masculin? 😉
Rated4on the scale of0to5
Age: 25 to 34
Complicated and unique
Like all Histoires de Parfums scents this is completely unique. It's heavy and antique smelling, and quite strong. Long lasting power especially on clothes or hair.
Rated4on the scale of0to5
She loved it
I thought it was my cologne...I wore it 3 days and then I finally read the bottle lol. I gave it to my girlfriend and she loved it!
Rated4on the scale of0to5
Age: 25 to 34
Skin type: Combination
Le Male
This smells almost identical to Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male. Being that I used to wear le male for years and it’s one of my favorites, naturally i like this one! It’s more candyish than Le male tho.
Rated4on the scale of0to5
Subtle class
It’s a light fragrance that makes a statement.
Rated3on the scale of0to5
Rated5on the scale of0to5
This is great stuff
Very nice fragrance for men. Definitely good for all seasons. I am very impressed
Rated4on the scale of0to5
love lavender
Unique lavender fragrance, Gets a lot of attention. Nice for daytime.
Rated2on the scale of0to5
Smells like my grandad's closet. 1725 is the appropriate year. Aweful in my opinion
Rated5on the scale of0to5
I have to admit, I didn't think I was going to like this one. In fact, I looked for a reason not to cause this house has been almost too damn good. When I read the note breakdown... Not a fan of licorice, star anise or most citrus based frags BUT THIS ONE IS AMAZING! Best I could describe this is a spicy citrus & lavender with a bit of cedar. After a few minutes the vanilla & amber kick in with a hint of sandalwood. Only complaint is I wish it lasted longer & after about the 4 hour mark I have to reapply... STILL LOVE IT THOUGH
Rated4on the scale of0to5
Soft and powdery, with a sweet dry down.
I am a middle aged man, happily married with 3 kids. I asked my wife and my 12 year old daughter to give me their review. Wife: It begins smelling very much like baby powder, it could easily be a scent for a man or a woman. It's a soft, sweet smell that's oddly comforting. Daughter: It smells like bread pudding fresh from the oven. I'd give a 7.5 on a scale from 1 to 10. Me: The baby powder scent never really goes away for my nose. It's a clean, fresh scent, and it lasts a good long time.
Rated2on the scale of0to5
its just not my scent, its too thick and intense for me
Rated3on the scale of0to5
Kind of soapy-smelling and wears off quickly. Not bad overall, but wouldn’t buy again.
Rated4on the scale of0to5
Good Enough
The smell is amazing, its masculine but gentle at the same time. Better going out cologne if i had to say. Drydown really takes the edge off, the vanilla notes are predominant in the scent, but frequent reapplication is necessary. The month supply barely lasted me the month due to the need to reapply. Doesn't have a good scent trail, so it wont linger in the air behind you, but its good for when someone is going to be up close and personal. Good cologne for those nights out dancing, a real crowd pleaser!
Rated4on the scale of0to5
Awesomely Unique
This is a very unique scent and medium to long lasting. Will likely buy a full size. It’s that good!
Rated4on the scale of0to5
Second favorite
i switch this one around for times i get tired of my other scents. its definitely my backup to when I need something different.
Rated3on the scale of0to5
Vibrant? or Stale?
This item did have hints of fresh greenery, but the old leather scent was a bit overwhelming.
Rated5on the scale of0to5
Everyone Loves 1725
From the moment he sprayed the cologne it was intoxicating. He receives so many compliments. Everyone loves 1725
Rated2on the scale of0to5
This men’s cologne is a Nice but very feminine.
Rated5on the scale of0to5
This is a very nice Cologne it smells really manly and it’s not super strong but strong enough. It also gives me a 1980 feel I don’t know why.
Rated5on the scale of0to5
A masterpiece
Rated3on the scale of0to5
Wasn't Sure...
I wasn't sure about this selection. At first, I didn't like it. The initial scent reminded be of pencil shavings or lipstick. After the dry down, the scent changed to a sweet, complex fragrance.....not projecting very much...more of a skin scent.
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