Nuit de Megeves
EIGHT & BOB Nuit de Megeves
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Rebottled Nuit de Megeves, rebottled by Scentbird, Inc., an independent bottler from a genuine product wholly independent of EIGHT & BOB
Scentbird, Inc., New York, NY 10001
Grapefruit Coffee Clove Musk
Nuit de Megeves (A Night in Megeves) is an olfactory love letter to ski chalet parties, refreshing cold mountain air and chance meetings with gorgeous, green-eyed girls. Perfumer Albert Fouquet created this scent to remind him of ski trips taken in the Swiss resort town of Megeve, and the vision of Annicke, a young woman who captured his heart while he was there. The mountain air accord energizes your senses with tart grapefruit and petitgrain, and clears the palate for the cloves and coffee in the heart notes. The beginning of this fragrance is as if someone has invited you into a warm cabin filled with sweet treats after you’ve been skiing all day. The tobacco and clean, sheer musks in the drydown for retiring to the fireplace with your feet are still cold from the outdoors.
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