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EB Florals by Eric Buterbaugh
Thorns Rose
224 ratings
Eau de Parfum, Unisex
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A refreshing, sensual wash of eucalyptus and Spanish orange opens this evocative perfume. Pink pepper adds its brash spicy edge to soft, sweet Bulgarian roses and bright peonies in the heart. A sumptuous gourmand base of amberwood, tonka beans, and warm vanilla adds richness and depth to the dry down.
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Citrusy-sweet, brightly acidic orange oil adds a happy Vitamin C overload to any fragrance.  Orange is also the ultimate team player in perfume: it will go with anything as its many different forms can blend well.  Mandarin orange, green mandarin, bitter orange, blood orange, Sicilian orange are all variations on this juicy, joyous note.  Sweeter notes like mandarin and blood orange work best with florals and spices, while bitter orange, green mandarin, and Sicilian orange are fantastic with aromatics like basil, nutmeg, etc. Orange’s cheerful energy, no matter if it’s sweet, bitter, or spicy, is wearable year-round without hesitation.
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  • Strong43%
  • Light16%
  • Sweet16%
  • Fresh13%
  • Warm7%
  • Powdery3%
About the brand
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Eric Buterbaugh is a Los Angeles, California-based floral designer. Known as "The King of Roses," Buterbaugh has worked with celebrities, fashion designers, royalty and VIPs from around the world on floral design for their weddings, parties and events. A lifelong fragrance devotee, Buterbaugh partnered with cosmetics industry veteran Fabrice Croisé to develop a line of fragrances focused on floral notes. The collection launched in 2015.
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