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Rebottled Reflection Woman, rebottled by Scentbird, Inc., an independent bottler from a genuine product wholly independent of Amouage
Scentbird, Inc., New York, NY 10001
Green Notes Freesia Magnolia Violet Jasmine
Reflection Eau de Parfum for Woman is a sophisticated bouquet of white flowers crowns the fragrance with richness and depth while embracing musks and woods wrapped with warm amber notes confering a magic aura to the skin.
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Reflection Woman by Amouage Reviews

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So far so good. It's very clean fresh floral. It's not over sweet smell which I love it. clean, clean..
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It smells nice, not my kind of perfume. It's fresh and watery, a sweet watery floral scent. A lot like J'adore in style.
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At first it smells a little powdery then once it evaporates it smells richer and sexier.
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It doesnt stay on long..and I dont like the way it smells.. Uggh
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Four stars for the scent, one star for longevity. Come on Amouage! What happened to your powerful sillage and amazing staying power? At any rate, this is a lovely, sheer, aquatic floral with puffs of wispy powder. The opening is very green and fresh, probably my favorite part, then settles into a powdery floral. Normally I don't like powdery perfumes, but this smells of high end cosmetic powder rather than baby powder, so I find it pleasing. After about an hour though the whole thing practically disappears with only traces of iris and pale aquatic notes. I really wish the dry-down was more substantial and had more sillage. It's a lovely scent overall, but I won't be buying a full bottle.
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This is a beautiful scent. Very complex. So happy I tried.
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Such a serene scent, very different from anything I currently have or have smelled. It reminds me of quiet, well-manicured gardens and ponds with trickling fountains. Smells green and "watery floral", but with an intensity and oomph behind it. It projects well and lasts a long time on my skin for this type of scent. It's not exactly a "love", but it's unique and I'm glad I got to try it out.
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