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Rebottled Blossom Love, rebottled by Scentbird, Inc., an independent bottler from a genuine product wholly independent of Amouage
Scentbird, Inc., New York, NY 10001
Spring is all about joy. And cherry blossom trees with their exuberant sprays of white and pink petals in full bloom joyously announce that Spring has arrived. The resplendent house of Amouage also announces their latest creation, Blossom Love, and it reverently captures the rapture of a cherry blossom Spring, as if they had grown the trees themselves just to make this perfume. Blossom Love begins with bergamot and heliotrope introducing themselves with a blend of sweet almond and citrus, and these notes hover at the top until the matching amaretto and ylang-ylang notes appear from the heart. The heliotrope and amaretto notes create a clever liquor-like backstory to the cherry blossom accord as it unfolds. Delicious sin meets naïve innocence in Blossom Love, and it’s a theme that continues until the final notes fade.The drydown is an ultra-sophisticated blend of suede, tonka, rich amber and vanilla that is every bit as satisfying as the perfume’s centerpiece cherry blossom accord. Blossom Love is a fragrance for love in all of its phases and times of year – from first crush all the way to your platinum anniversary, and every season in between.
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