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Doll 10
Cheek to Chic Palette
36 ratings
Palette, $36 Retail value
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Contour, Blush, and Highlight your way to a more sculpted appearance with the Cheek to Chic Blush and Contour Palette. Equipped with two blushes, a light and a dark contour shade, bronzer, and highlighter, this sleek, chic and portable palette has everything you need to enhance your natural beauty. For all skin tones and skin types, it is perfect for anyone looking to define specific features on their face or just to enhance the overall look of their complexion.

Doll 10 Advantage:
Special technology starts as a cream and finishes as a powder which provide the ease of application that we want from a powder with the soft focus finish of a cream.

Beneficial Ingredients:
Lavender extract to soothe the skinCream to powder Mineral Pigments for blendable, high-color payoff. Encapsulated Shea Butter that keeps skin hydrated and smooth. Never dry or cakey!

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About the brand
Explore Doll 10
Who's the doll behind the latest niche makeup brand, Doll 10 Beauty? She's the fascinating, multi-faceted Doris Dalton: Doctor. Mother. Cancer survivor. Model. TV personality. Entrepreneur. Animal lover. Product developer. Mrs. America.

For the last two decades, Doris has immersed herself in the cosmetic industry, developing products for some of the most coveted brands. It wasn't until Doris fought her own personal battle with cancer that she set out to create her own line with unique products to help address her physically altered appearance.

With Doris' sound scientific background as a Doctor, she set out to create products that are good for you. With a combination of unique ingredients, it wasn't long before these iconic products became instant must-haves in every woman's makeup routine.

Brow Fix, a cream eyebrow product infused with natural fibers that mimic brow hair, deposits lasting color to the skin—instead of just the eyebrow hair—for gorgeous brows that frame and sculpt your face. And Conceal-It, an ultra-thin, full-coverage concealer, doubles as a foundation for porcelain skin that appears flawless, with doll-like perfection. Whether you're looking to erase the past, perfect the present, or protect the future, Doll 10 Beauty has you covered.

Doris has empowered a generation of women with the confidence to look and feel their best wearing makeup they love. What are you waiting for? Be a doll.
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