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Unapologetically feminine, our latest palette is sure to delight with power pastels and throwback hues in a blendable, demi-matte finish. True romance blooms across the eyes with Cashmere, a warm brushed gold, sumptuous Hazelnut, loaded with shimmer, or brilliant blue Innocence. Our muse is a modern take on pin-up perfection - with a twist. Candy Bloom and Firefly add refreshing dimension to the face, while lips go luxe in dramatic Berry Bite or ultra-pretty in Plush Petal. Don’t let that flawless face fool you, this one’s all soul, unleashing her inner free-spirit from dawn to dusk. #DeckOfScarlet

DECK OF SCARLET 13 Modern Romance rating and reviews

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4.4 out of 5
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45 to 54
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I absolutely love this product its so beautiful and i would definitely recommend it to everyone....
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25 to 34
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I absolutely love all of these pallets the colors are pigmented and beautiful. Worth every cent