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Lavanila reviews
Light, clean, and fresh!
Fruity, citrusy, and vanilla-y - so perfect and light!
Pleasantly surprised
I don't know what I expected except vanilla. OMG this smells so wonderfully fresh and clean. I LOVE it!
Love this!
Beautiful fragrance!
Love at first spray
This scent is subtle, sweet, and soft. Both vanilla and coconut come through in a natural sweetness, not cloyingly sugary. I am unsure of its longevity as this is such a gentle scent it fades into the background almost immediately. I will need to explore this further. That said, this is the perfect combination of soft and sweet for me.
Smelled cheap
It started with a strong vanilla scent which is what I expected. It didn’t smell like coconut as all and kind of has a chemical medicine smell to me as it settled. Not a fan at all and I like vanilla scents.
A lot of lavender, not enough vanilla.
I would have liked more vanilla and less lavender. However, it is very much a lavender and vanilla smell so it’s as described.
Fresh vanilla
I fell in love as soon as I tried it on. Perfect vanilla fragrance. It is both warm and fresh. I immediately when to the site and ordered more plus the other vanilla scents!
Broken bottle
Paper Tube arrived completely soaked and when I opened it the bottle insides lid was not attached therefor there was no perfume in it.
True vanilla
An amazing sweet gourmand
Perfect warm Vanilla
I love this scent! It's so beautifully warm and too sweet like most vanilla scents.
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