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Yuzu and Ginger Hand Cream’s exotic blend of Japanese Yuzu fruit’s refreshing and unique scent (a cross between tangy grapefruit and sweet mandarin orange), with ginger’s warm spice sharpens the senses while deeply nourishing your skin. The Japanese have relied on the yuzu fruit for centuries as a natural immune-system booster in tinctures and teas, and its uplifting, effervescent energy infuses our Yuzu and Ginger Hand Cream. Allow its invigorating presence to add an exotic touch to your morning ritual.<h4>What's in</h4>Ginger root extract, Vitamins A + E infused oils, Soothing aloe leaf<h4>What's out</h4>Parabens, Sulfates, Animal cruelty
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Scentbird Yuzu & Ginger main notes

MandarinYuzuGingerDewy CucumberCrisp Wood
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