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Secret Agent
3 x 0.27 oz sprays
The element of the unknown does not phase you - you have the nerve, the charm and the skill to handle any challenge. You have trained for this and are not limited by the normal way of life. Who can keep up with our undercover man? These clandestine scents will help you make your moves undetected, unless you want to be caught.
Includes one month of Scentbird Free*
Carven Parfums
Carven Pour Homme
Violet Leaf
Carven Pour Homme is the ideal style combination for a men?s cologne: grapefruit and violet leaf in the top notes give it a clean, confident profile while nutmeg, sage, and cedar in the hea
English Laundry
Cambridge Knight
Aquatic Watery
Black Currant
Guaiac Wood
Bay Leaf
Cambridge Knight?s complex blend of bold aromatics and grapefruit citrus forges a deeply masculine statement. Richly-spiced bay leaf and smooth, dry caramel tones of guaiac wood with bright cedar?
Burberry Brit for Men
Tonka Bean
Top notes of bergamot, mandarin, ginger, and cardamom fuse into a crisp display of orange citrus and warm spices. An intriguing floral heart trades wild roses for the citrus, and offers bright ced
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