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Haute Fashionista Gift set

Gift Set
Fashion is your life - Vogue is the centerpiece on your table. Switching styles and mastering trends leaves others in anticipation to see what you’ll wear next. Imitation is the highest form of flattery so embrace the title and celebrate your invitation to the front row with these fashionable scents!
Gift set
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Salvatore Ferragamo
Signorina’s full, flowing jasmine and powdered red currant paint a darkly seductive portrait. Hints of pink pepper and soft roses heighten the floral intensity, while a mischievous pannacotta note in the base tempts with sumptuous Italian dessert accents.
Catherine Malandrino
Style de Paris
Mandarin Orange
Orange Blossom
Style de Paris’s twin pairs of top and heart notes make this fragrance uniquely elegant and enjoyable. The citrusy powder in the orange blossom mirrors the opening Italian mandarin, the red grapefruit shimmers with a lovely violet overlay, and the tropical lushness of the pear matches gardenia’s exotic humidity.
Issey Miyake
L'eau d'Issey EDT
L’eau D’Issey’s iconic blend of seven different florals, sandalwood, cedar, and bright musk rightly deserves its place among the all-time classic fragrances. Rosewater-infused lotus and skin-soft freesia unfurl over a powdery heart of sweet carnation, white lilies, and fresh peony. Peachy osmanthus tones accent the plushness of tuberose in the base.