Great Selection of Top Floral Perfumes

Floral Perfumes

One of the easiest ways to get into perfumery is to sample floral fragrances. Florals are the largest group in the perfume family, and they are can also be the most expressive. From soft peachy osmanthus and powdery orange blossom to the intense feminine drama of gardenia and jasmine, there is a scent for literally everyone in floral fragrances.

And fellas? Just because floral perfumes are stuffed with a ton of flowers, it doesn’t mean you can’t rock a perfume with floral elements in it. Jasmine is a known aphrodisiac, and a little in a men’s cologne or unisex release is never a bad thing for your scent profile. Not only that, but rose scents are always appropriate to wear, and blended with a little pepper spice, cardamom, or labdanum can take a classic rose style into seriously sophisticated masculine territory.

If you’ve new to the scented world, and maybe feel a little overwhelmed by all the choices, start with a solid floral fragrance based around one of the most well-known notes: any scent with jasmine, gardenia, rose, and lily (or lily of the valley), is a fantastic place to start your collection. A love for floral notes will carry you to all sorts of exotic locations and offer enough sensual mystery to last a lifetime.

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