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Your Skin Needs Babor’s Ampoules, Here’s Why



Your Skin Needs Babor’s Ampoules, Here’s Why

Germany’s leading skincare brand, Babor, has landed on Scentbird with a mix of skin-centric saviors and must-have makeup. With a focus on high-precision cosmeceutical skincare with maximum effectiveness and compatibility, Babor is all about upgrading self-care, and upgrading self-confidence.

Beloved by the beauty set, Babor’s ampoules are single-serve concentrates, highly charged with active ingredients to restore and re-energize the skin. Sudden breakout before a big date, or continuously dry skin? Ampoules are stronger than a serum and “better than a booster,” according to the brand, and can transform your skin from sallow to radiant in a short amount of time!

So, what’s in an ampoule?


Babor Perfect Glow:

Designed to thoroughly quench the skin, while creating a youthful looking complexion, Perfect Glow contains PerfectionPeptide P3 to rejuvenate the skin, even out irregularities in your skin tone and impart light-reflecting luminosity.

You’re going to want to use this one after cleansing. Shake the ampoule well, use the enclosed ampoule opener, pour the concentrate into your palms, then smooth over your face, neck and décolleté. Make sure you use the whole concentrate. Pat into the skin and follow up with your daily moisturizer. Use every day for 7 days!

Babor Collagen

Babor Collagen Concentrate:

To firm, smooth and tone the skin with plumping hydration, try the brand’s ultra-effective collagen boost.  Tripeptides help stimulate collagen, amping up the skin’s surface from the inside out, by supporting the skin’s natural collagen product to moisturize, soothe and lift the skin.

Just like Perfect Glow, you’ll want to use this daily for seven days. Pour the concentrate into the palm of your hands and spread over face, neck and décolleté, making sure to use all the serum for best results. Layer on your regular moisturizer, nourishing skin with a luxe at-home treatment!

Babor does more than skin heros, the brand also offers super-saturated lip glosses in a variety of wearable hues! Ultra-conditioning and super luxe, Babor’s Perfect Shine Lip Gloss is available in shades ranging from, nude silk to bright berry pink.

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