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White Line Fragrant Trilogy: Efflora by Odin2 min read

11/17/2015 2 min read

White Line Fragrant Trilogy: Efflora by Odin2 min read

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efflora odin

Scenthusiasts know a fragrance is “right” by the power of its time-travelling propensities: if the fragrance can convey early childhood memories, then it is instantaneously labeled as a favorite.

Fragrances possess these kind of powers because perfumers are wizards. I am struggling with words ever since testing the second of Odin’s White Line of fragrances, Efflora, simply because words are worthless in comparison to the experience the perfume has provided me with: a moment to be a 5 year old girl in my grandfather’s art studio, heavy with scents of wood and citruses, which were used to polish the wood.

I opened the fragrance cap and I could all of a sudden see myself admiring my granddad’s masterpieces, smelling his homemade wood polish, drenched in lemon oil.

A perfume that was calling me home.

Efflora is full of crisp citrusy front notes like grapefruits, tangerines, the warm Algerian oranges that fade into mellow yet luxuriant and unpretentious undertones of patchouli, white moss and oakwood.

At Odin’s, Efflora is labeled as fragrance that is bringing springtime to life. However, if you want my honest opinion, it is Milieu Rosa that is in charge of that task. Efflora brings that tingly feeling which possesses your tongue when you drink champagne, brings fruity freshness in a forest inhabited by scented trees and flowers.

If White Line’s masculinity is tested, I think that Efflora would have been approved as the most masculine scent of all three, mainly because it uses the century old eau de cologne formula of success: citrus plus woods equals manhood.

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