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What The Day Owes The Night: Izia and Izia La Nuit by Sisley-Paris


What The Day Owes The Night: Izia and Izia La Nuit by Sisley-Paris

Like day and night, Sisley’s Izia and Izia La Nuit are in perfect harmony, complementing each other and your day-to-night routine in a few quick spritzes.

Izia reigns the day

Izia Lifestyle

Created by Countess Isabelle d’Ornano, Izia is an ode to a unique delicate rose, one that blooms once a year for only two weeks. Its compelling and fleeting nature is not unlike life itself, reminding you to enjoy every passing moment. The Countess used the rose’s memento as Izia’s leitmotif and bottled it, a fragrant polaroid that one can revisit with the opening of the perfume’s cap.


The d’Ornano rose takes center stage in Izia, with bergamot, pink peppercorn, amber, and florals playing award-worthy supporting roles. Like your own late May sunshine planting kisses on your skin, Izia is uplifting, enchanting, and utterly feminine.

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Nocturnal queen: Izia La Nuit

Izia La Nuit Lifestyle

At night, Izia transforms into an opulent, mysterious seductress that goes under the name Izia La Nuit. A symbol of unhindered sultriness, the d’Ornano rose is no longer a delicate May rose, but one peppered with cardamom, veiled in patchouli, and laced with vanilla. Building upon the sensuality of Izia, Izia La Nuit continues the emotional experience and multiplies it by a hundred.

Izia La Nuit

In the dark, Izia La Nuit displays a new facet, still very sophisticated but nevertheless daring, emboldened by the veil of the night. A spritz on the neck will have Izia La Nuit whispering sweet promises until dawn, maybe even longer.

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