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Vive Les Chic French Fragrances Forever!

French Fragrances

Vive Les Chic French Fragrances Forever!

Today our Gallic friends are celebrating the 231st birthday of the republic, and since we’ll take any excuse to celebrate, we’re doing it in honor of the glamorous French Fragrance Houses and all their scents we’ve ever had the pleasure of falling in love with. We all know what this means: glamour, glamour and, well, so much more glamour. In a spray form, of course!

Romantina by Juliette Has a Gun

Romantina By Jhag

Launched in 2006, Juliette Has a Gun envisions perfumery as an art. It’s no wonder though, when you know that the main visionary behind the brand is Romano Ricci, the grandson of Nina and Robert Ricci, the dynamic duo that gifted the world some of the best perfumes ever (hello, L’air du temps?). With such heritage, do you even doubt that each JHAG perfume is nothing short of a masterpiece? Well the French say: “When in doubt, proceed with Romantina”. 

As the first floral composition of JHAG collection, one would assume that Romantina Juliette has finally decided to calm and put the gun down. Well, not if Romano Ricci, the perfumer has anything to say about it. 

In a twisted love tale, orange blossom flirts with rose, melting together in a soothingly lush bouquet, but patchouli interrupts this union and introduces rose to vanilla. Decadent and fresh, this ode to young love is the proof that Juliette is still a heart-breaker. 

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Romance de Provence by Catherine Malandrino

Romance De Provence By Catherine Malandrino

Trust the French designer Catherine Malandrino to create a perfume that drops you in your fave destination with a single spray. And we know this is totally un-French cool, but if you ever wondered if there is anything dreamier than Paris in springtime Catherine Malandrino says, oui: A romance in Provence in summer.

But Catherine’s Provence isn’t all lavender fields and glitz and glamour of Côte d’Azur. Her scent evokes the gourmand, savory beauty of the region, a la Francais.

Think French air, but inland rather than coastal: caramel, vanilla and patchouli heavy, it’s your favorite creme brulee enjoyed on a balcony in Aix-en-Provence, with aroma of violets blooms wafting from every angle. We’re pretty sure we’ve lost you after the creme brulee part, so hurry up and get your sweet kick, courtesy of Malandrino. 

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Like This by Etat Libre d’Orange

Like This By Etat Libre Dorange

French niche perfumery Etat Libre d’Orange is renowned for their eccentric, bold scents, and we are so here for it. The proof? Just try Like This and you’ll understand. This unique, pumpkin and spice combo is a must-have perfume, and here is why. Think of the most original scent you’ve ever come across, but better. The introductory citruses are getting the surprise of a lifetime when accompanied by pumpkin flesh notes. Meet ginger, the spice that cuts through that heart of notes and laces it with freshness. We’re not to wax poetic here, but it surely smells exactly Like This.

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Carven Le Parfum by Carven Parfums

Carven Le Parfum By Carven Parfums On Scentbird

From the old perfumery trailblazer Carven Parfums comes a perfume that packs a punch and serves it with an elegant bow: sweet pea, mandarin blossom and hyacinth brimming with confidence. 

But there’s also sandalwood and patchouli in the mix, adding that soft and sensitive feel.

This is that classic trench coat in perfume form, which you wear with or without something on underneath. (Ooh la la!).

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101 by Bon Parfumeur

Bp 101 Ean 3760246980500 Flacon

If you visit the brand’s website and look for their Our Story section, this is what you’ll read: Bon Parfumeur was born from the desire to revive the beautiful perfumery of yesteryear, the artistic perfumery, in a resolutely contemporary and creative way. Translated into a fragrance language, it is called 101.

A unisex interpretation, 101 is centered around a powdery rose accord. Petals, exotic spices and dry cedar extract come together to create an aromatic and unpredictable outcome for an extremely pleasant scent. Amber provides a radiant backdrop for the richer patchouli and musk notes, making this Bon Parfumeur number perfect for any occasion.

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Mon Guerlain by Guerlain

Mon Guerlain By Guerlain

This is a bestselling fragrance from the iconic French house of Guerlain, and it’s a powerhouse Tahitian vanilla-based scent. Sophistication personified – every note is deeply infused into the fragrance, with astounding longevity and a three-dimensional vividness.  If you want your cake and eat it, too – beware, this confection is from the finest French bakery in history, and one slice is more than enough to instantly satisfy any sugar craving you have. 

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