Try Nuria’s Vegan Beauty Routine


Try Nuria’s Vegan Beauty Routine

Nuria is a brand that means well, does well, and feels amazing on skin. Featuring vegan, plant-based ingredients, the brand also donates a portion of every sale to She’s the First, which  fights gender inequality by providing education to girls. Nuria is making its mark for sure, and we could not be more excited to have them on Scentbird!

Founded by Naomi Furgiuele, a Johnson & Johnson veteran,, Nuria focuses on innovative skincare from an easy, clean approach – without ever compromising on performance.

Here’s everything you need to know on four of our fave products:

Defend Restoring Serum

This serum is all about protecting the skin against free radicals, while also  hydrating and nourishing tired skin. This lightweight, quick-absorbing formula contains Asian carrot seed oil to protect the skin’s stem cells against premature aging, and rooibos red tea, which reduces the depth and appearance of wrinkles.

Gentle enough for the most sensitive skin, this serum won’t leave oily residue, so you can apply it before your makeup or combine it with your favorite moisturizer.

Defend Skin Shielding Essence

Formulated specifically to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier, this essence offers protection against environmental toxins while working hard to restore the skin’s radiance.

Quench dry skin with  this wonder salve, loaded with ginseng and carob to restore balance, promote a youthful-looking complexion and offer anti-inflammatory support. It’s a must-have for city-living, as well as those who enjoy the great outdoors – add this one to your queue asap.  

Defend Triple Action Eye Cream

This targeted triple action eye cream contains a nourishing blend of mulberry root and ginseng to restore moisture around the eyes, while while reducing puffiness and dark circles. Talk about benefits!

Sensitive skin? This one’s for you: Nuria’s gentle formula brightens and restores this delicate area.

Hydrate Revitalizing Jelly Night Treatment

Nourish dry, parched skin with this gorge  jelly night mask, which melts quickly into the skin while you sleep.

Its deep blue color comes from bilberry, a key ingredient, which hydrates and nourishes rough skin to improve its texture. You’ll also find gardenia and spring snowflake to help  reduce the appearance of fine lines, especially around the eyes and lips.

All products are vegan, cruelty-free, plant-based, and non-irritating.

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