The Best Scents for May Birthdays

Perfumes For Those Born In May

The Best Scents for May Birthdays

Born in May? We’ve rounded up the fragrances that will suit your personality best:

Who you are:

  • Down to earth and pleasant. Success rarely goes to your head.
  • Broad-minded and easy-going with an infectious enthusiasm. Always craving new and interesting things, but your passion for these novelties is usually short lived.
  • Dedicated and meticulous

You will love:

Noire de Mai by Véronique Gabai 

Noire De Mai By Veronique Gabai

A floral perfume with a dark, moody wist, Noire de Mai blends rose, woods, moss, and amber to create a vivacious and sensual scent, perfect for spring babies. 

Why you’ll love it: An invitation to forbidden sensuality, this perfume is proud and sinful, the perfect match for the confident, and distinctive woman. 

Five stars rating: “Smells expensive and mysterious. Definitely a noire type scent.”-Teresa T

Vetiver by Roja Parfums

Vetiver Roja

Looking for a new take on a masculine scent? Try Roja’s unusual blend of crisp citruses and aromatic vetiver. Lemon and bergamot galore, cedar needles, and dry vetiver lend a touch of thrill for a truly refreshing fragrance. 

Why you’ll love it: Breezy for sunshine-filled days and a touch woody, Vetiver is a next-level cologne, the perfect pick for any spring/summer occasion 

Five stars rating:”Very nice fragrance. Smells fresh with a hint of spice. I get lots of compliments. Great for day or night.”-Manuel F

Jade888 by Hermetica

Jade888 Bottle

This clean green fragrance brings together ginger extract, lily of the valley, and green musk molecule as a finishing touch.

Why you’ll love it: “A green and aromatic scent, Jade888 Eau de Parfum incites images of dense foliage and tangled vines, prolific and untamed”, as  the brand likes to say, and we agree, it’s pretty wonderful.

Five stars rating: “I want a whole bottle of this perfume 🔥😍 I’m obsessed with this smell I NEED it I CRAVE it I DESIRE it..” -Ara W.

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