Born in May? We’ve rounded up the fragrances that will suit your personality best:

Who you are:

  • Down to earth and pleasant. Success rarely goes to your head.
  • Broad-minded and easy-going with an infectious enthusiasm. Always craving new and interesting things, but your passion for these novelties is usually short lived.
  • Dedicated and meticulous

Olfactory match: Maya by Tocca for her and Elysium Pour Homme by Roja Parfums for him.

A floral perfume with a twist, Maya blends violet leaf, blackcurrant, oakmoss and wild iris to create a vivacious and fresh scent, perfect for spring.

Why you’ll love it: Every Tocca perfume tells a story, and Maya’s perfumed personality reflects a visionary – a confident, and distinctive woman.

Five stars rating: “The aroma is so light but captivating, everyone I come in contact with says ‘you smell wonderful, what are you wearing?’ I absolutely love Tocca!”(Amber, April, 2019)

Looking for a new take on an aromatic scent? Try Roja’s unusual blend of crisp grapefruit and aromatic vetiver. Citrus notes, pink pepper and salty ambergris lend a touch of spicy for a truly refreshing fragrance.

Why you’ll love it: Breezy for sunshine-filled days and a touch woody, Elysium is a next-level cologne, the perfect pick for any spring/summer occasion

Five stars rating:”This cologne is amazing, it lasts all day long. My co-workers were amazed by the scent when I got to the office.”(Xavier, April, 2019)

Bonus match: Eau Papaguéna by ÉLISIRE

This spicy green fragrance brings together a  cardamom, basil, tarragon, green notes and incense, plus a mix of vetiver and cypress as a finishing touch.

Why you’ll love it: “A jungle of sensations, uplifting and delightful like the sun,” as  the brand likes to say, but we think it’s pretty wonderful, too! .

Five stars rating: “An everyday unisex scent. I often wear this when I want to feel strong and confident.” (Natalie, December, 2018)

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