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Top Rated Colognes in April 2020


Top Rated Colognes in April 2020

Ever wondered which colognes your Scentbird fellas are wearing this month? One look at our bestselling colognes section here and it’s mystery solved.  We can tell you that sexy, woody and unique accords are at the forefront, with aquatic notes getting a lot of love, too. Without further ado, here are the 5 bestselling colognes on Scentbird this month.



A no holds-barred cologne that is quite straightforward in its approach. Juice-drippin’ apple gets hot and heavy with woody notes and mandarin. The minute you think it can’t possibly get any better, vanilla, praline and a spice medley dare you to rethink everything you’ve ever known about sexy colognes. 

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TOMMY BAHAMА Maritime For Him

Bergamot, lavender and clary sage, intertwined with floral hearts and an aquatic undertone, this fragrance has a freshness reminiscent of an ocean breeze. Inspired by the pleasure and adventure of sailing, Maritime For Him waits to spirit you away to distant shores.

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A thought-provoking indie brand with an even more audacious name, Fat Electrician is a hedonistic oriental woody cologne with confidence to spare. The chemistry of vetiver and marron glace (glazed chestnut candied in sugar syrup ) is thick and unmistakable. The rush of olive leaf, myrrh and vanilla is flirty and addictive. A single spritz is all it takes to let the “you smell good” compliments roll in. 

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MONTALE Soleil de Capri

Soleil de Capri is an ode to the scents of summer and carefree vibes. It opens with the zest of grapefruit, kumquat and citrus before diving into a sensual heart of white flowers. The dry down is musky and just the right amount of spicy. Sunny and light, it’s a versatile cologne that works whenever, wherever. 

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A twist on a traditional woody cologne, let the notes of cedarwood, sandalwood and leather add a welcomed confidence to your scent story. At the crossroads of classic and unique, Virtu is what our reviewers define as a cologne for “special occasions that require a sophisticated scent for the Alpha in the room”. 

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