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Thursday Scent Mood: Eau de Rose by Tadashi Shoji3 min read

05/04/2017 2 min read

Thursday Scent Mood: Eau de Rose by Tadashi Shoji3 min read

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Tadashi Shoji’s Eau de Rose is my new scented crush. Ravishing enticing, gorgeously elaborate, Eau de Rose is like a scented puzzle that falls into place once it settles on your skin.

It is still a mystery why the smell of roses encourages so many strong feelings and brings back so many memories. It may be so, because the rose, known as the queen of flowers, is both elegant and gentle, but with a thorny nature.

This fragrance is an olfactive token of Shoji’s design philosophy: “In the thirty plus years that I have been designing, I’ve learned that all women regardless of shape, size, and culture all want the same thing – to feel beautiful and confident in their own being,” said Shoji.

Eau de Rose by Tadashi Shoji is created by drawing inspiration from the designer’s admiration for immaculate Japanese gardens burgeoning with roses, his favorite flower.

But this isn’t the ordinary run-of-the-mill rose fragrance. The nature of the fragrance is not always solely determined by its main theme. It is rather the combination of the supporting notes that create the fragrance.

In the case of this Tadashi Shoji olfactive creation, citrus notes (bergamot, lemon, mandarin, grapefruit) and a hint of herbal and fruity lend the rose a tangy and earthy quality, whereas the floral company of jasmine, osmanthus, lily of the valley and cedar wood provide for that elegant and gentle nature of the rose. The spicy, woody and balsamic notes of musk, frankincense, labdanum, patchouli, rose absolute and oud are deep and smoldering, just like a rose’s thorn. These enrich and embolden the star note.

The lovers of the original, undiluted scent of rose and pretty much the lovers of the rose genre will love this fragrance. Immaculately executed, just like the Japanese gardens, Eau de Rose is always perfect and suitable.

Tadashi Shoji Eau de Rose

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Successfully creating a fine balance between modern and classical perfumery, Eau de Rose packs plenty of femininity and charm in a fragrance bottle. Captivating and fresh, with a dose of exotic mystery, this inaugural Tadashi Shoji fragrance is bound to make a lasting impression.

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