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This Just In: 3 New Brands You Need to Know Now


This Just In: 3 New Brands You Need to Know Now

Get to know the latest fragrance brands to join the mix – from Skylar’s natural perfumes, to nostalgia-inducing Memoir Archives scents, and Veronique Gabai’s blends that reinvent the aromas of the Mediteranean, this is the lineup that will surely brighten up the cold winter days ahead. 


Skylar Gif

Skylar’s story began as one mother’s mission to find a hypoallergenic, natural perfume that will allow her to feel and smell sophisticated without having to compromise her baby’s health. Today, Skylar raises the bar with these modern, natural, and clean perfumes made with sustainable ingredients and sensitive skin in mind.

Sun Shower

Sun Shower By Sklyar

This citrusy fresh scent is made for long lunches, lazy mornings in bed, and to be worn with the perfect white tee.

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Salt Air

Salt Air By Sklyar

A love poem to the summer – Salt Air is breezy, carefree, and flirtatious.

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Memoires Archives

Physicists for many decades have been trying to warp space and time to enable time travel, but sometimes all it takes is a single whiff to be s(c)ent back or forth in time. With their powerful, intense fragrances, Memoire Archives promises each spray to unleash a trip of nostalgia that will have you reminisce about past memories or create new ones. 

Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here Eau De Toilette

It smells like your happiest polaroid moment, encouraged by a blend of summer rain, almonds and coffee. 

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By the Sea

By The Sea Eau De Toilette

A whisper of sea breeze, carrying with it distant notes of laughter, mandarin rind, and magnolia blossom.

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Veronique Gabai

Veronique Gabai creates transportative scents that allow your olfactory senses to travel the Mediterranean in first class, even while you’re landlocked at home. Intricately interwoven scents of the French Riviera reimagined with an artistic flourish, these exquisite scents will show you the best that Côte d’Azur has to offer. 

Noire de Mai

Noire De Mai By Veronique Gabai

Delicate rose, this is not. Instead, imagine the most seductive prickly rose drenched in sensuality, moss, and amber. 

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  1. Avatar Of Diana Andersen

    Diana Andersen

    I really like the Versace I got this month. My first time trying it and this is more to my liking. Looking forward to next month.

  • Avatar Of Rodney Moody

    Rodney Moody

    I would like to recommend more niche fragrance options, an additional charge is undoubtedly understandable. My favorite house is Acqua di Parma! Thanks in advance, keep up the great work.

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