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The Spicy Scents of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Spicy Perfumes1

The Spicy Scents of Thanksgiving

Now that the most American of holidays, Thanksgiving, is upon us, we are all anxious for the impending arrival of thankfulness mixed with a house full of aromas.

Thanksgiving in my memory smells of roasted chestnut stuffed turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and the inevitable pumpkin pie.

I love the coziness of the fire blazing in the fireplace and seeing dear family members and friends gathered in the living room, enjoying the cacophony of their joking voices mixed with the sounds coming from the TV.

The “I-want-to-smell-like-heaven” question that I always ask myself before Thursday comes is: what perfume mixes best with the mix of Thanksgiving craziness, spices in the air, and diet-busting food in our bellies?

I always want something that won’t be colliding with the mouthwatering aromas that lurk from the kitchen, and while I do not want to smell like the food on the plate, I want the perfume I wear to contain some of the Thanksgiving staple scents, conjuring images of comforting cashmere, fallen leaves and thankfulness.

I decided that I will divide the perfumes I’m championing in three categories:

Spicy perfumes;

Woody perfumes and

Floral perfumes.

Spicy Perfumes to Celebrate Thanksgiving

Extremely spicy and satisfying: Un Jardin Apres La Mousson by Hermes is pure, spicy fresh luminous powdery creation, one which presents you all of the notes during its lifespan, but the coriander note, which is the most prominent stays close to your skin, comforting you, whispering to your ears (and nose) only. An appetite enhancing perfume which agrees perfectly with cold weather and a house full of aromas.

Easy-to-wear spicy fragrance that captivates the entire room: 12 Lacha by Odin. A mix of nutmeg and leather, a mix of extravagance, indulgence and gratefulness, with a strong masculine sturdiness and a floral undertone, a nod to femininity.

Spicy sweet, warm and intimate: Night by Judith Leiber. Envelope yourself in a heady cloud of cinnamon, amber and incense, warming into a rich spicy amber sensual blend, feel it breathing around me, lingering sensually, and make you feel divine.

What perfume screams Thanksgiving to you and what will you wear this Thanksgiving day?

Please, do tell and in the meantime wait for my list of woody and floral perfumes tomorrow!

  1. Avatar Of Choosing A Thanksgiving Perfume

    Choosing a Thanksgiving Perfume

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  • Avatar Of Neyon


    Unfortunately we don't celebrate thanksgiving in the UK :( But from seeing it on American TV, gorgeous scents that I might have associated with it are orange peel, cinnamon, star anise, vanilla, brown-sugar-raisins... so almost Christmas-y but more earthy

    • Marina Ljubisavljevic

      You can't be more on spot with the scents you describe Neyon. Even though it is not a traditional English holiday, you and your family can organize a day which will be devoted to gratitude, start your own tradition. For me it is really hard to make a clear distinction between the scents of Halloween (ok, this one is more candy coated), Thanksgiving and Christmas, but you made me think hard and guess what, you are right: Thanksgiving does have this earthy undertone which I have missed. So, thank you very much for this!

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