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The scent of REAL MEN

Scent Of Real Men


The scent of REAL MEN

Scent Of Real Men

What is the sexiest quality in a man that women find irresistible? Along with broad shoulders, strong arms and manly, deep voice, smelling good ranks at the very top of the priority list.

Even the human brain is ” programmed ” in a way that recognizes the smell of other people. The more different the components of other people smell is from our own, the greater the chance we will find that person extremely sexually attractive. But long gone are the times when natural scent was enough to make women swoon, therefore it is hardly surprising that from all cosmetic products, fragrances are men’s favorite.

Although in recent years the cosmetic products marketed towards men are in full swing, this was not always the case. Historically speaking, perfumes were equally enjoyed by both women and men, but in the twentieth century cologne almost completely removed the word perfume from all men-fragrant product application.

In fact, in our modern society, cologne is the only socially acceptable term for male fragrances. It is almost as if the word perfume strips all the manhood from the person who wears it! Which, from a female perspective is a complete nonsense.

People have used scented oils throughout history as an integral part of everyday care, and the Egyptians considered a well-scented body to be one of the basic steps taken for successful lovemaking .

The democratization of the fragrance market and artificial flavor production in the 19th century made ​​it possible to produce a large number of aromatic products, with Eau de Toilette being the most famous and most popular product of them all.
Not much has changed since then!

When a group of men were asked what type of fragrance evokes manliness, almost all of them replied:
” I do not want anything sweet, I want something fresh and masculine. Actually, I want a fragrance that will be an embodiment of power, ability and authority, something other men will want to smell like, and women would like to smell it on a man’s skin”.

What women want?

Women, on the other hand, said they love when a man’s fragrance is equally fresh, spicy and exotic, with a subtle sweetness, reflection of their heart’s soft spot.

They want a man that smells good, but who wears his scent with an added confidence.

So, dear men, next time you’re on the market for fragrance, remove yourself from the cologne/perfume labels and ask yourself: what kind of scent do I enjoy, with an emphasis on I.

Scentbird MenExperiment with different fragrances, which now you can do the fun and easy way, with Scentbird’s scented services, test them and make sure to notice how each and every different cologne or perfume makes you feel.

Those that make you feel like a man are for keep.

Little hint: Resist the urge to “shower yourself in the fragrance.” For me, the best fragrance is the one you cannot detect on yourself, but other people react to it. And when the right person walks in your life, she will have an exclusive right to enjoy the scent called my natural smell meets fragrance and it’s so good.

Ready to board the “find me the perfect scent” train? First and final station: Scentbird for Men

Leave the deodorant to the boys and step in the men’s club: With Scentbird for Men, you get the whole package: top notch designer or niche cologne (or perfume, for the brave ones) in a convenient travel-size black case, because let’s face it: smelling good is irresistible. It is in our animal nature.

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