The Scent of Love: Psychology of Smell


The Scent of Love: Psychology of Smell


Although many claim that physical appearance is the crucial factor in attraction of the opposite sex, while others claim that a sense of humor and sometimes a thick wallet or a nice car are the most important rules of attraction, the modern psychology loves proving them wrong: the smell is the key factor in attraction.

Just think about: he may have the look of Adonis, a nice ride, thick wallet, but what good does all that do if he does not smell good (not to say stinks)?

Or, if you’ve ever wondered how it is possible that some women always “seduce” everyone whenever wherever they appear, let us reveal one of their secrets: scent.

When the carefully chosen perfume is mixed with appearance and charisma, then magic happens.

One research study reveals that scent seduces men 14 times faster than sensual lingerie or revealing dress.

Different smells can work as motivators, especially when it comes to intimate relationships. Scientists claim that scents can change the perception of the opposite sex in both men and women.

However, let’s not prescribe perfumes powers that they do not have: infatuation by perfume is very unlikely to happen.

Perfume’s job description is enhancement of the skin’s scent and masking the less favorable odor, just like makeup’s job is to enhance the natural beauty and hide the flaws.

So, in order to release the genie from the bottle, make sure to apply just a bit of the perfume on all of the pulsating points on skin: the warmth will release the notes one by one, and seduce those that want to be seduced.

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