The Best Face Masks for Post-Beach Skin

Face Mask

The Best Face Masks for Post-Beach Skin

Between the sun, sunscreen, salt and chlorine, it’s safe to say summer is excellent for your social life, but really tough on your face. So something really nourishing, with a heavy dose of TLC is much needed. We prescribe a smoothie and a face mask. We leave the smoothie choice to you, but face masks, this is what we do best. Loaded with lavish, food-for-skin ingredients, these pampering face saviors erase all traces of fun in the sun, except the ones on the ‘gram.

Face Mask

Amethyst Calming Cooling Mask by Scentbird

Admit it: of all the places you can wear amethyst crystal, you never thought about putting it on your face. Well, this mask will change all of that. Scentbird’s Amethyst Calming Cooling Mask is a hero for saving tired, red, sunburned skin. Rich in amino acids, beta carotene, as well as fatty acids, Centella Asiatica, the super-soothing white tea extract amps up the soothing factor, while amethyst crystals help banish redness and balance the complexion.

Face Mask

Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask by Glow Recipe

This is the mask that gives the term beauty sleep a whole new meaning. Just imagine it: you slather on this heavenly scented, pillow-proof mask that’s chock-full of nourishing watermelon extract, hydrating hyaluronic acid and pore refining AHAs, you get the much needed zzz’s and you wake up with bright, calm, and soft as a cloud skin in the morning. What kind of sorcery is this?

Face Mask

Green Tea + Vitamin C Sheet Mask by Purlisse

Sheet masks are all about self-love, and here’s how you indulge in their beauty: You feel its luxurious fibres melting in your face, locking in all the moisture, and a glass of frose and Friends rerun later, your face is ready to face anything the elements throw at it. And as if you needed any more persuading, this Purlisse sheet comes infused with green tea and vitamin C to calm distressed patches, irritation and to condition the skin barrier. We’re sold!

Face Mask

Diamond & Pearl Firming Gel Mask by Herbal Dynamics

When in doubt, more is always more. And that’s exactly what you’re getting with this diamond and pearl firming gel mask. For the lovers of the finer things in life, Herbal Dynamics infused this luxurious product with diamond complex, mother of pearl, roselle hibiscus flower and hyaluronic acid to give your skin radiance, improved texture and protection from environmental stressors after only 15 minutes.

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