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The Art of Fragrance: Dos & Don’ts4 min read

01/23/2019 < 1 min read

The Art of Fragrance: Dos & Don’ts4 min read

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We’ve received questions from many fellow fragrance-lovers, wondering how to personalize perfume to suit their style. We’ve been disseminating helpful hacks on Instagram – @Scentbird – and decided to aggregate our top tips all in one place. Without further ado…

DO: Apply the fragrance right after shower.

DON’T: Spray your wrists and then rub them together

DO: Moisturize the skin before applying your scent

DON’T: Wear the perfume if it has changed its color

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DO: Target the pulse points

DON’T: Store your fragrances in the bathroom

DO: Aim for the warm spots

DON’T: Don’t rush into making a decision

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    Nice and interesting tips regarding fragrance. I am a bigger lover of mist and perfume. Thank you for giving tips and tricks for makes them safe and how to use them.

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